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It’s time to give thanks for all the little things.
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Product Description

In 2018 he is six feet four A Wee Bit Highrish T-Shirt . an old man, but with a blazing eye and a voice like the surf in a storm. His hair is brilliant black, his face is that of the Arabian war horse and the 33American eagle. Into his temple come all the wise of the world, week after week, and he introduces them, and they speak to his people and the rest.Slowly as though greeting this band the flames renew themselves, and take form. There is the book again, but four times as large, with wings, binding, leaves, and letters of fire. Then suddenly it is flying above the city. Its covers are of the iridescence of a shell, with a golden shimmering. The wings are music making.Near the market house between Fourth and Fifth on Monroe they pile firewood upon the book. They pour on oil. They light the pyre. All is turned to ashes. Later a band of Municipal University rescuers arrives. They are led by her assistant in the color printing department, Horace Andrews.

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The little school teacher finds herself reborn in 2018 as head of the three-color printing department 28of the school where she teaches A Wee Bit Highrish T-Shirt . In the reincarnation she bears the name of Josephine Windom. She stands helpless when a Rock and Kopensky mob, and children of Doctor Mayo Sims seize the winged volume from the altar of St. Friend, apparently against its will, like a hundred men binding an angel.It is as though a work by Henry George had been changed into a work by Swedenborg!Now it shows how to make microscopes that will enable all Springfield to find the fairies of the fairies, and telescopes that will discover the angels that guard the angels. At last the book instructs the devout how to woo and win these creatures, without turning upon them any glass of cold scrutiny, how to see them with the natural eye, and touch them with the natural hand.

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