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First, shouldn’t we establish Dont california my virginia shirt .whether or not he existed? I haven’t heard of any evidence of substance that suggests he was even a person. There is nothing in the old testament that implies the Messiah will be resurrected. A few Jews in this sub will definitely criticize your last point heavily. Not if Gospel accounts are at all accurate. Good teachers explain ideas clearly and provide reasons rather than argue from authority. Good teachers don’t threaten people with hell for failing to believe them.

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A perfect and sinless man would not go to Hell nor need to accept Jesus and his teachings to avoid Hell Dont california my virginia shirt . The punishment of Hell or “Eternal Separation” from God is not solely based upon rejection of Jesus but in addition to the sin, we as the man all carry. Jesus offered us all a solution to the punishment owed for own disobedience to God. Here is an analogy: If a doctor tells you to accept his advice in getting a pacemaker because you have done damage to your heart and will die if you don’t, would you do it? Jesus taught about an Eternal Death or “Hell” as being the end result of our own sin. I’m not here to debate whether hell is unjust. I’ve had that discussion many times before, and I have dozens of points I could make. But I’m answering the question in the OP as an atheist about whether a non-divine Jesus if he existed, could have been a good teacher. My answer is “no.”Of course, this is the sort of passage that the Arians would point to when arguing against the orthodox trinitarian view: If Jesus is God, then who gave him this authority? (…authority has been given…..) The Arians thus claimed that Jesus was subordinate to God (the Father). Jesus could have been a good teacher, in the same sense that Buddha or Socrates could have been a good teacher. That is, the words we associate with him regularly express appreciable wisdom. The lessons of Jesus are not good lessons by some fiat, they are good lessons when we can appreciate their meaning on our own. Did Jesus himself actually claim to be the son of a god? If he did or did not, that would not make his message more or less valuable. Did he live, die, and live again in accordance with a prophecy? If he did or did not, that would not make his message more or less valuable.

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