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The banking legislation Get Off My Phone Snoopy Shirt .of the last two or three years has given the farmers access to the great lendable capital of the country, tshirtclassic and it has become the duly both of the men in charge of the Federal Reserve Banking System and of the Farm Loan Banking System to see to it that the farmers obtain the credit, both short term and long term, to which they are entitled not only, but which it is imperatively necessary should be extended to them if the present tasks of the country are to be adequately performed.The number of extension workers under the Smith-Lever Act and under the recent emergency legislation has grown to 5,500 men and women working regularly in the various communities and taking to the farmer the latest scientific and practical information. Alongside these great public agencies stand the very effective voluntary organizations among the farmers themselves which are more and more learning the best methods of cooperation and the best methods of putting to practical use the assistance derived from governmental sources.

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These colleges and experiment stations have a total endowment of plant and equipment of $172,000,000 and an income or more than $35,000,000 with 10,271 teachers,  a resident student body of 125,000, and a vast additional number receiving instructions at their homes Get Off My Phone Snoopy Shirt . County agents, joint officers of the Department of Agriculture and of the colleges, are everywhere cooperating with the farmers and assisting them.In the field of agriculture we have agencies and instrumentalities, fortunately, such as no other Government in the world can show. The Department of Agriculture is undoubtedly the greatest practical and scientific agricultural organization in the world. Its total annual budget of $10,000,000 has been increased during the last four years more than 72 per cent. It has a staff of 18,000, including a large number of highly trained experts, and alongside of it stand the unique land-grant colleges, which are without example elsewhere, and the 69 State and Federal experiment stations.

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    I have loved ever since I was a little kid. I am glad to see this in an adult size.

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    I have a few of their t-shirts and I love them. The graphics are beautiful and the shirts are a nice weight and wear well.

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    good good good

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