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Seventh Raccoon street cat jiu jitsu vintage shirt .Ink specializes in dark illustrations. so its presence on the blog, this time of year is implicit. Matthew Johnson is the man behind the brand that sets a high standard in terms of digital horror.Since we last checked in with him, he’s introduced a few new products, such as patches, buttons, stickers, pins and framed art. The graphics are filled with details that give an overall spooky feature to the whole design and they become true works of art. Anything Matthew Johnson puts his hands on becomes a thing of nightmare, be it sharks, vampires, pumpkins or warriors. Here a few shots with products launched last year:As far as new material is concerned, each year Seventh Ink launches the Haunted Collection, just before Halloween. This year it’s collection number VIII’s turn to be introduced into walk of fame of horror.

Raccoon street cat jiu jitsu vintage shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Raccoon street cat jiu jitsu vintage  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Raccoon street cat jiu jitsu vintage  Hoodie
Raccoon street cat jiu jitsu vintage  Sweatshirt
Raccoon street cat jiu jitsu vintage  Unisex
There are four t-shirts and more small pin and patch are scheduled for releases throughout the month Raccoon street cat jiu jitsu vintage shirt . Whatsmore, some of the old spooky patches have been restocked.We’re dead serious about the horror theme of our posts that will include only the spookiest of illustrations. Keep an eye on our posts that will feature all kinds of grim designs for apparel, accessories, devices or walls. There are plenty of special edition launches from esteemed artists in the industry to be announced in the following day.In the meantime, it’s good to see we’re in perfect sync with the good people at Threadless. A huge sale was announced a few hours ago on horror designs until October 30th! If you are familiar with the site’s style, you will find plenty of funny prints, a lot more than scary. So, from this point of view, we’re making an exception and we’re including a cutesy mummy, some parody retro-style posters and an adorable Freddy Krueger. Just this once, for comic relief.
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