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The dirty bitch lays us on the seat, forcing her Vote Blue Democrats include you shirt . coated tongue down my throat as i grab her tight ass and finger that loose pussy. As soon as she feels my cock coming alive she sucks it to the full mast then hops on reverse cowgirl style, talking dirty as she rubs her pussy shouting at me to “SLAP THAT ASS!” “PULL MY HAIR!” I’m in way over my head so i just do as I’m told, i think i managed to call her a fucking whore. She cums three times pretty quick then dismounts and finishes me off in her mouth and with a tongue bath. I could get used to this dancing thing. Off we go! Out the back and into the rear of her suburban.

Vote Blue Democrats include you shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Vote Blue Democrats include you Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies

Vote Blue Democrats include you Hoodie

Vote Blue Democrats include you Sweatshirt

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She takes our pants off then gets wet and sloppy, moaning as she takes my length all the way down her throat Vote Blue Democrats include you shirt . Pretty soon she crawled between my legs ordering me to spit on her breasts, again and again, and again. She places my cock between those lovely mountains and starts titty-fucking me. OMG! I’ve never done this before! She resumes the nasty talking, making me call her a dirty slut before she starts sucking me again as she keeps moving her boobs up & down, occasionally ordering me to SPIT! I cum in her dirty mouth, as she keeps sucking until i go limp and she swallows every drop. ok well, I’m a teenager right now and i think this happened maybe a couple of months ago and i still have a couple of years to top it (im 15) but here it goes. I’ve been swimming for about 8 or 10 years, im not sure. So when I got to high school I obvs joined the swim team as well as the water polo team.
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