Wilbur Soot Wants A New Persona On New Song “Soft Boy”

Wilbur Soot Wants A New Persona On New Song “Soft Boy”

Wilbur Soot Wants A New Persona On New Song “Soft Boy”

Wilbur Soot Wants A New Persona On New Song “Soft Boy”
Wilbur Soot Wants A New Persona On New Song “Soft Boy”

It’s his first solo single since 2021’s “Maybe I Was Boring.”
After spending much of the latter half of 2021 focusing on his band Lovejoy, Wilbur Soot is back with his latest solo single, “Soft Boy.” The song is the Twitch gamer-turned-musician’s first release since 2021’s “Maybe I Was Boring,” and after waiting nearly a year in anticipation, fans sent “Soft Boy” straight into the upper reaches of the Genius Top Songs chart.

Soot considers “Soft Boy” the sequel to his biggest hit to date, 2021’s “Your New Boyfriend.” That song has amassed over 172 million Spotify streams, so naturally, making its follow-up created a bit of pressure. “‘Your New Boyfriend’ was my magnum opus. I don’t think I could do anything better,” Soot explained in a Twitch stream. “So it’s like, making ‘Soft Boy’ … It’s scary, you know? It’s terrifying.”

Soot starts off “Soft Boy” in a dark place. On the opening verse, he’s still struggling to get over a breakup and his diet consists solely of ramen.

I’m in too deep
It’s the same dried ramen in a bowl I’m too lazy to clean
But I’m not drunk texting my ex anymore
I hope my father could be proud of me
On the chorus, Soot starts his campaign against being called a “soft boy,” a term given to seemingly sensitive young men who wind up being just as bad as the more blatantly toxic “fuck boys” they claim to disdain. For one, he’s not wearing an ahegao hoodie, or a trendy style of sweatshirt among soft boys covered in close-up images of hentai characters’ faces.

It’s not an ahegao hoodie, it’s a work of art
I get turned on by my reflection in passing cars
I’m looking for a window to another world
Later in the hook, we learn that his desire to not be seen as soft might have something to do with his breakup. Nice guys finish last and all that.

I just don’t wanna be a soft boy anymore
I wanna be yours
On the second verse, Soot reverts back to his old ways. He can’t quite quit his soft boy habits, like getting the same haircut and trying to please his parents.

I’m in too deep
It’s the same hairstyle that I’ve had since I was seventeen
And I don’t know why
Mother, are you proud of me?
“Soft boy” arrived alongside an official music video, which sees Soot eat ramen, wear an ahegao hoodie, and cry in his room alone, among other soft boy activities.


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